BlackJack  is our  smallest male standard poodle who is our go to guy around here.  BlackJack has produced some beautiful puppies over the past several years and we are so proud of all of them!  He is a small Standard Poodle only 19".  BlackJack is a beautiful jet black color with a gorgeous coat.  In additional to being so handsome, he is super smart. BlackJack is the perfect fit for our breeding program, we personally don't like breeding our dogs to miniature poodles because the dispositions are not the same as the standard poodles.  With BlackJack we are  now able to continue to breed down the size of our 2nd generation Labradoodles and Goldendoodles that will range from 45-55 lbs.  BlackJack comes from excellent lines have all of his certifications needed for breeding.  We were very lucky to be able to add a dog like him to our program.

Cotton is our newest male standard poodle.  We began using him in 2014. He is a beautiful small standard poodle that is snow white and a disposition that you just can't beat.  He has easily became the new family favorite with his playful fun personality that makes him almost clown like.  We chose him like BlackJack for his small size and excellent pedigree.  He is the perfect cross for our Labradoodles and Goldendoodles that will continue to produce that nice medium sized doodle that we are so fond of.  Cotton is from show lines and has all of his certifications needed to add him to our breeding program and allow us to continue producing the nicest doodle pups you can find.
Our sire dogs
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Doodle Dog Pups - Bealeton, VA